Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I don't know why I am ashamed to admit it but I have been going to church for the last couple of weeks. My mother goes every sunday and has done all her life. When we were small she used to make us come with her which we always hated because the sermons were so long and boring, we like the singing though. I have been going to first praise with my son who enjoys the playgroup and the church part of the event only lasts about ten mins which he doesn't really notice. The building is lovely and smells fantastic, all lillies (it is a very popular church for weddings) and polish and hymn books. It has made me think seriously about good and evil on a mundane day to day level. I would like to be a better person, at the moment I sometimes look back at my behaviour and wince. Maybe a bit of reflection will help me to live up to my own ideal.
I had a brilliant idea for christmas presents this year. My son (who is nearly two) had a great time mixing up lard and sunflower seeds for a fat cake for the birds, we are going to make it into christmas shapes like christmas trees, bells and stars and tie them up with ribbons. We will be able to decorate our garden for christmas and feed the birds at the same time. We had a go at painting those half coconuts that you can buy but they were a bit hairy so it didn't really work.

today I am trying to make google find my website which is at www.pointrise.com

I got ripped off by boots dentists who told me that I had to pay them £900 for a crown or have my tooth removed. I went to another dentist for a second opinion who gave me a filling and charged me £32. I wish there was some league table of dentists. My gran had all her teeth removed when she was nineteen by dentist who told her that false teeth would be much better as they would be straight and white and easy to clean! When you speak to people nearly everyone has a dentist horror story to tell.

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